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Manufacturer's special offer. From April 1 to April 30, 2024, purchase a Laguna 19-38 drum sander with open stand and receive infeed/outfeed tables and three abrasive wraps at no additional cost (a saving of $258.95). After this date, the set will no longer be available, but the components will be available individually.

Versatile, efficient additions to any workshop, drum sanders speed the sanding process significantly, removing material and smoothing work surfaces with ease – including figured and irregularly shaped wood pieces. The open-end design of the Laguna 19-38 drum sander lets you sand workpieces up to 19" wide for a single pass and 38" for a double pass. The drum is easy to adjust parallel to the conveyor, and the conveyor has a lever that slightly raises its inboard side to prevent overlap ridge lines when sanding stock wider than 19".

The drum height is adjustable from 0" to 4", controlled with a handwheel. While a full revolution of the handwheel raises or lowers the drum by 1/16", partial rotation permits precise micro-adjustment to the sanding depth. For reference, an integral depth scale indicates the distance between the conveyor table and the bottom of the sanding drum, though depth can also be set using the thickness gauge attached to the inboard side of the sander. An optional depth gauge, available separately, provides a digital readout for easy reading and accurate thickness repeatability, and can be set to display the amount of material being removed from the stock per pass or the final sanded thickness of the stock.

The conveyor is operated using a dial knob to control the feed speed but is governed with an “Intellisand” feature that continuously monitors the load on the drum and automatically adjusts speeds to minimize burning, gouging and tear-out. Changing grits is straightforward, requiring no pre-measuring or cutting. The tapered end of the sandpaper wrap fastens into a slot on the drum, then the head is rotated by hand to spiral the wrap around it until it can be clipped tightly into the slot at the opposite end. The included aluminum oxide 80x abrasive wrap is useful for light dimensioning of stock. The sander has a 4" dust exhaust port for connection to a dust collector or dust collection system that produces a minimum 600 cfm. With the included open stand, it measures around 41 1/2" × 26 1/2" with a height of about 51". Weighs 286 lb. Manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years.

The infeed/outfeed tables add approximately 18" of support to either side of the sander. Made of steel, they are useful for providing extra stability when sanding long stock, reducing tipping and the risk of gouging and sander snipe. Tables fold down for easier storage. For open stand only.

This offer also includes durable aluminum oxide abrasive wraps for the sander. The set of three contains one each of 36x, 80x and 120x wraps. The 36x is useful for rough-sawn boards and/or glue removal, the 80x for light dimensioning of stock, and the 120x for light surfacing with minimal stock removal.

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