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A combination belt and disc sander can be a valuable workshop addition. This is a good one, with a heavy cast-iron base to dampen vibration and a powerful motor for significant stock removal without risk of stalling. The belt lets you smooth inside curves and flatten broad surfaces, while the disc excels at shaping outside curves and precise fitting of miters.

You can orient the sanding belt vertically or horizontally for best access to the work, and because the belt is above the level of the disc, it won’t get in the way of work wider than the platen. A lever lets you instantly release tension for easy belt changes, so you can get back to work quickly.

The 10" diameter disc provides 5" of usable width – ample room to move the work across the face, which helps avoid heat build-up that can lead to burning and premature abrasive wear. It is mounted to a large-diameter drive shaft to minimize deflection, and has a cast-iron table that tilts 45°, with a machined slot to accept the included miter gauge. A rugged and reliable machine, backed by a 5-year warranty.

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