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Traditionally, scroll saws are used for making wooden mosaics called intarsia, as well as jigsaw puzzles, signs, scrollwork, inlays and toys. This sturdy professional scroll saw is well suited for woodworkers seeking to make intricate cuts that are clean and burn-free.

Powered by a 120V motor, the saw has a variable-speed controller that allows you to select a speed in the range of 550 to 1550 SPM, providing the flexibility to work with a variety of materials. The power switch and speed control knob are located on the bevel at the front of the arm for easy access, removing the need to feel for the controls.

The throat measures 22", and the machined aluminum table is 12 1/2" wide in front of the blade, allowing extra access and stability for larger cuts. With a cast-iron base and steel body, the saw weighs 68 lb, giving it enough mass to help dampen vibration and provide a stable work surface.

A rack-and-pinion system provides controlled accuracy for angled cuts, allowing the arm to tilt up to 45° to the right or 35° to the left. The tilting arm leaves the worktable flat, improving safety by letting the user focus on cutting instead of supporting the material on a tilted table.

Additionally, the arm raises and lowers to simplify setting up inside cuts and workpiece adjustments, locking securely in place for safety with a ring-pull spring-pin. It features dual tension adjustments with an easy-to-turn knob on the back of the arm for rough adjustment and a tension lever at the upper blade assembly for finer adjustment. The blade guard is easily adjustable with a capacity of up to 2".

The blower tube clears the cutting area of sawdust as you work, and a 1 3/8" dust port permits connection to a dust collection system for sawdust removal (hose adapters available separately). Blade storage compartments are located on each side of the base. The saw accepts plain (unpinned) blades. One 18 tpi blade included. Additional blades are available separately.

Backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Optional stand sold separately.

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