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Special offer. Until December 15, we’re offering a Rikon 14" deluxe bandsaw along with a wheeled bracket set at a saving of $110 compared to the cost of buying the items individually at our regular prices.

Rikon’s model 10-326 deluxe 14" bandsaw is a versatile machine with more than enough power to cut dense, thick hardwoods without risk of stalling.

Its table provides a broad, stable surface for working with large stock and tilts using a handwheel-controlled mechanism, permitting easy, precise adjustments. The fence can be switched from a conventional vertical orientation to horizontal for better safety and blade control when working with thin, narrow stock. It easily adjusts to compensate for drift, and has a removable resaw guide with a cambered surface to allow quick course corrections.

Unique to Rikon, blade changes and guide bearing adjustments are done without tools. The guard has a hinged front that swings out of the way for easy access. Instead of the usual grub screws, low-profile knobs secure the bearings, which are spring-tensioned to automatically retract during blade changes but are easy to reposition before locking them back down. When you’ve finished a work session, a release lever lets you instantly loosen blade tension to prevent premature blade fatigue and wear to the saw’s bearings, tires and spring. A cabinet in the base provides storage for blades and other accessories.

For moving the saw, we include a wheeled bracket set (normally sold separately). Its foot pedal raises the stationary feet, placing the saw’s weight on the wheels so you can easily roll it out of the way.

An impressive saw, backed by a 5-year warranty. Comes with a 5/8" × 4 tpi regular-tooth blade; additional 111" long blades are available.

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