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Special offer. Until December 15, we’re offering a Rikon 10" deluxe bandsaw along with a sturdy workshop stand at a saving of $50 compared to the cost of buying the components individually at our regular prices.

The Rikon 10-3061 is the latest, most user-friendly model of their 1/2 hp benchtop saw. Backed by a 5-year warranty, it is powerful enough to make clean cuts in 3" thick walnut without difficulty yet occupies relatively little space.

The modified plate and guide assembly are easy to adjust, ensuring you can use the full 5" cutting height and 9 5/8" cutting width consistently. Plastic inserts let you change the tilt of the fence carrier, and the redesigned 2 1/2" dust port permits easy hose attachment. The motor can be set to 1515'/min. or 3250'/min., and the rigid frame and low-friction ball-bearing blade guides above and below the table help prevent twisting and deflection.

Blade changes and bearing adjustments require no tools. Instead of the usual grub screws, low-profile knobs secure the bearings, which automatically retract during blade changes but are easy to reposition before locking them down.

A release lever lets you instantly loosen blade tension after a work session to avoid premature blade fatigue and wear to the bearings, tires and spring. An upper guide/blade guard assembly has a rack-and-pinion mechanism for smooth height adjustment, and the rip fence has a direct-reading scale for quick, accurate positioning when re-sawing.

To provide stable support for the saw while raising it to a comfortable working height, the included stand is made of steel with a tough powder-coat finish.

A 5/16" × 6 tpi regular-tooth blade is supplied; additional 70 1/2" long blades are sold separately. Until December 24, we’re also offering a package that includes the bandsaw and stand, as well as a set of three blades with different tooth patterns to cover a range of applications.

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