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For sharpening edged and pointed tools, axes and knives, these compact sharpeners are hard to top for portability and convenience. Effective and easy to use, they measure only 3 1/4" × 2 1/8" × 9/64" thick and can be stored almost anywhere.

Each consists of a long-wearing, quick-cutting monocrystalline diamond abrasive fused to a steel plate that has been nickel plated for rust resistance. A fold-out handle permits a reliable grip and helps keep your fingers clear of the edge you are sharpening.

Available in 325x for initial shaping or fixing nicks, 600x for general sharpening and 1200x for fine sharpening of tools, cutlery or carbide. Each comes with a sturdy leatherette storage pouch.

Offered individually or as a set of three sharpeners containing one of each grit.

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