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Developed for scraper plane blades from 0.010" to 5/32" (4mm) thick, ground without a bevel, this carbide burnisher has three precision-ground V-shaped grooves, each of which rolls precise, repeatable hooks at a specific angle, letting you alter the cutting action to suit the application.

Using only light force, you draw the burnisher flat along the edge, and the V-grooves take care of the angle for you, forming symmetrical hooks on both sides of the scraper edge at the same time. You can choose a 5° hook angle for fine work, 10° for moderate scraping or 15° for aggressive action. With matching hooks on both sides of the edge, when one side becomes worn, you can simply turn the blade over and continue working with the second hook.

If your blades are bevel-sharpened, the ungrooved portion of the 1/4" diameter rod can be used as a conventional burnisher to draw a burr.

The 4" rod can be used as is, or you can add your own handles.

Made in USA.

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