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This 1" belt sander is an excellent sharpening center as well as a handy sander. It removes steel quickly and coolly. It can be used for freehand grinding of a range of tools and is ideal for carving and lathe tools. It does a superb job on kitchen knives. The 4" × 6 1/2" tool rest has a groove to accept sliding jigs. One 1" × 42" sanding belt is included.

The sander will house a motor (not included) with a base up to 7" wide by 7 3/4" long and a 1/2" shaft. A minimum 1/8 hp motor (counterclockwise rotation) is recommended.

For sharpening, we offer a set of our specialized belts for hand-tool grinding and final honing – a 120x blue zirconia belt and a 15 micron (1000x) silicon carbide belt (available separately).

An excellent attachment for sharpening jointer and planer blades up to 6" long is also available separately.

Made in Canada.

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