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Applying a very different concept in sharpening, the sub-micron carbide blade in this sharpener shaves the steel rather than abrades it. The action is like using a cabinet scraper instead of sandpaper to smooth wood – you get a smooth finish without using much force. The tool has been made possible by advances in carbide quality in recent years.

It can be used to sharpen tools as big as a broad axe or as small as a fishhook. Axes, hatchets, hoes, knives of all sorts, scissors, etc., are all fair game. The slim tip makes it ideal for accessing the blades of tools such as curved blade pruners, one of the ultimate sharpening tests for most people.

The simple instructions allow a first-time user to succeed quickly. The folding blade, with safety guard built in, locks open or closed. The stainless-steel body has anodized aluminum scales with belt clip.

Replacement carbide kits are available separately.

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