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This unique and innovative Veritas precision honing guide and angle jig set offers a fast and easy way to produce a very sharp edge on blades.

First, use the guide in its normal position to grind the basic bevel angle for the tool. Then, on a fine stone, hone a micro bevel at a slightly different angle, set by a turn of the guide-setting knob. Since the secondary bevel is small, you remove less steel and arrive at a sharp edge quickly and with little effort. This is all done without unclamping or resetting the tool in the guide.

The guide will hold blades up to 2 3/8" wide and 5/8" thick and, in combination with the Veritas angle jig, lets you set blade projection to obtain any one of the five most common bevel angles (15°, 20°, 25°, 30° and 35°). You loosen the knurled brass bolt, turn the wheel to the selected angle facet, and use it to set your blade angle. With a blade loosely held in the honing guide, roll the guide up to the wheel and clamp the blade. You are ready to hone.

For holding very short blades, such as those found on many spokeshaves, see our small blade holder.

The wide roller on our guide and the positive positioning action of the jig automatically square the blade in the guide as you set the angle. The bed of the guide has a series of parallel lines to let you visually align narrow chisels or square up blades that have accidentally become skewed. Because the roller on the guide is mounted on a spring-loaded adjustable cam shaft, you can set the roller at any one of three different heights where it automatically locks in position. Most important, you can return to exactly the same angle each time you want to hone a blade. This improves the accuracy of the process and substantially reduces sharpening time.

The Veritas sharpening system includes our honing guide, angle jig and instructions.

Made in Canada.

This product is also part of our basic and professional sharpening sets.

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