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This jig makes it easy to maintain consistent edge geometry when sharpening a drawknife. It has two adjustable sharpening posts with abrasive strips on opposite faces. The upper post engages the bevel side of the blade for honing, while the lower post is used to work the underside of the blade to remove burrs or to create a back-bevel. Set-up is straightforward since the drawknife itself is used as a reference for positioning the sharpening posts to contact the blade at the desired angle.

A numbered scale adjacent to each post helps you return to previous settings – useful if you have more than one drawknife. In use, the jig simply runs along the spine of the drawknife, which keeps your hand safely behind the cutting edge.

The jig includes two strips of diamond grit (1200x) for initial sharpening and ten strips of silicon carbide abrasive for final honing. Made by Benchcrafted in USA, largely of anodized aluminum.

For fast material removal to repair a damaged blade or grind a new bevel angle, we offer a kit of diamond abrasive separately that includes two sheets each of medium and coarse grits (600x and 400x) and two extra post sleeves for the jig so you can quickly switch these grits with the finer abrasives. A package of 10 replacement fine honing strips is also available.

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