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Special offer. Until November 29, 2023, or while supplies last, we’re offering a pair of CBN grinding wheels, a Rikon 8" low-speed grinder and a Wolverine sharpening jig at a saving of $160 compared to the cost of buying the components individually.

The exceptional durability of CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels is a key reason that woodturners have been fast to adopt them; you can quickly restore an edge or adjust tip geometry without having to true a wheel or adjust a sharpening jig to compensate for wear. Nearly as hard as diamond, CBN grinds even hard steels quickly and lasts a remarkably long time.

This system uses one coarse (80x) and one fine (180x) CBN wheel – all you need to grind a broad assortment of edge tools. The 8" cast steel wheels are machined for accurate size and flatness, then electroplated with CBN particles. Supplied with precision flanges made in our machine shop, they run true and cannot fracture. The wheel bodies are excellent heat conductors, so grinding surfaces remain cooler, minimizing the risk of overheating.

The Rikon 8" low-speed grinder has a 1-horsepower motor that delivers ample torque, but, running at about half the speed of a conventional grinder, it further reduces the risk of overheating. It has industrial bearings to minimize runout, and a heavy cast-iron base and steel housing to dampen vibration.

The included basic Wolverine jig makes it easy to apply consistent profiles on a wide range of turning tools. It consists of two bases, a 3" × 5" grinding platform, and a 27 3/4" long adjustable V-arm. Both the platform and the V-arm attachments can be used in either base, allowing you to have concurrent set-ups or to switch between fine and coarse wheels.

A sturdy cam-lock provides a firm hold but releases easily. Ideal for tackling scrapers and parting tools, the grinding platform adjusts for different bevel angles and locks with a gyratory handle. The V-arm produces flawless straight grinds on bowl gouges and roughing gouges, and easily accommodates your longest tools. Illustrated instructions included.

A versatile system, and an excellent combination of quality, utility and value.

Not available for shipment to Québec.

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