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The Veritas Mk.II power sharpening system lets you sharpen your hand tools to a degree not possible with any other method. Razor-sharp blades can be achieved in a matter of minutes. The system is so easy to use that perfect results are possible by someone who has virtually no experience sharpening blades.

The core of the power sharpening system is the combination of modern abrasives with a stable, flat 650 rpm turntable. The system lets you accurately set the tool rest to sharpen any straight-edged tool at a bevel angle from 15° to 45° (in 5° increments) and be confident that it will be exactly repeatable time after time. Blade projection in the holder is always constant; only the tool rest height is changed. The tool rest post has positive-position detent settings at 5° intervals. The included blade holder and blade-setting jig ensure blade squareness and accurate projection every time. Additional tool holders are available if you wish to sharpen more than one tool between grit changes.

The Mk.II power sharpening system also allows a better degree of control and precision when sharpening tools such as gouges and V-tools. All that is required is to approximately adjust the tool rest, adjust the extension of the tool past the rest until you have the desired bevel angle, and use your fingers as a stop. This will allow the tool to be sharpened in a highly controlled manner. For many curved-edge tools (or V-tools), reduced abrasion rates are desirable to avoid going past where you want to be. You can reduce your abrasion rate by sliding the tool along the rest from the outside of the platter toward the center.

The quick-change platters that mount on the turntable are made from sandwich aluminum with an inert core. The material is both stable and dead flat, creating an ideal base for the 8" diameter adhesive-backed abrasive discs available in grit sizes from 80x to 1200x. The system comes with two 4mm thick platters and four abrasive discs: 80x, 150x, 320x and 1200x. Removing the 1mm thick spacer discs automatically gives you a 1° angle increase to create micro-bevels. Extra platters and abrasive discs are available for those who want to add more grits or use cloth discs with honing compounds. Discs of different materials can be attached easily using spray adhesives. We recommend the discs supplied as the fastest cutting and most desirable in their grit range.

The turntable is mounted in a single large double-row ball bearing to ensure rigid location and smooth operation. It is driven by a V-belt from the vertically mounted, fully sealed 1/4 hp motor. The Mk.II sharpening system operates at a quiet 60dB. Motor and turntable are mounted to a precision-machined, cast aluminum chassis to ensure proper alignment for the drive belt. Belt tension is easily adjustable by hand. Nylon dust cover included.

Each system comes equipped with integral thermal overload protection, and is certified to meet CSA and UL requirements. Five-year limited warranty, two-year warranty on the electrical components. Weighs 23 lb. Sharpening is fast, accurate, fully repeatable and predictable with this system. It is suitable for all hand tools used in the woodworking shop.

Patented. Made in Canada.

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