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Precisely graded for size and densely applied in a closed coat, the aluminum oxide abrasive in this film is highly fracture resistant. These characteristics result in a medium that is quick cutting and long lasting, and produces an exceptionally consistent scratch pattern. In our testing, the film was comparable in cutting speed to silicon carbide in O1 steel, but about 40% faster in A2; in both alloys, it maintained its cutting speed appreciably longer. All grits have a 3-mil polyester sheet that resists tearing and is PSA-backed for mounting on flat or contoured surfaces to create specialized hones in a range of shapes and sizes. Since the 8 1/2" × 11" film is much more portable than a full-size stone, it is an excellent addition to a travelling toolkit. It can be used with water, but we have found a light oil is best for carrying away the swarf.

Because the abrasive doesn’t break down into smaller particles and leaves such a consistent scratch pattern, it’s important to work through a progression of grits. The 100 micron (µ) is for significant material removal (lapping or removing nicks); the 30µ (equivalent to a 400x water stone) and 9µ (approx. 1200x) are for working the primary bevel; the 3µ (about 4000x) creates a micro-bevel; the 1µ (slightly finer than 8000x) and 0.3µ grits polish to a finished edge.

Made in USA.

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