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Until June 29, 2022, we’re offering a set of two double-sided Norton water stones (a $201.50 value) at a saving of $22.50 compared to buying them individually.

To cover the entire sharpening process, from reshaping the bevel to final polishing, this set of two double-sided water stones lets you proceed efficiently through a series of progressively finer grits. The coarser stone is 220x on one side and 1000x on the other; the finer one is 4000x and 8000x. The 220x is used to remove nicks, the 1000x to establish a basic edge, the 4000x to refine the edge, and the 8000x to produce the final polish – everything you need to quickly restore and maintain a suitably fine edge for most woodworking needs.

The stones steadily release fresh particles of aluminum oxide abrasive at a relatively fast rate, yielding a consistent scratch pattern at each grit. In our tests, they were comparable to King stones when sharpening O1 steel, but in tough alloys such as A2 and M2, they cut approximately 40% faster than King.

Except for the 8000x, which requires only a quick spritz, all are ready for use after being immersed for about 10 minutes, without having to produce a slurry.

Each supplied in a rubber-footed plastic storage case that doubles as a sharpening stand, the 7 7/8" × 2 7/8" × 1" stones accommodate wide blades.

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