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These slip stones are made to our design and to a specified hardness to best combine cutting speed and durability.

Widely used for sharpening firmer gouges, scribing gouges, carving tools and radiused blades, these stones can be used on nearly any curved cutting edge of simple or compound shape.

They come in three grit sizes: 1000x, 4000x and 8000x.

The coarsest slip (1000x) is the fastest cutting and is used for establishing a basic edge.

The 4000x is the most useful combination of cutting speed, hardness and degree of finish obtained. It cuts quickly, but still leaves a tool with a near-mirror finish superior to that achieved with a hard Arkansas slip.

The 8000x is for final touch-up or occasional stropping while carving.

The 1000x and 4000x stones are also sold as a pair.

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