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Easily set up on a bench grinder or buffer, this system lets you put a keen, polished edge on a wide range of hand tools, from knives and scissors to curved-edge woodworking tools such as drawknives, axes and turning tools.

The kit comes with two compressed paper wheels: one coated with 180-grit silicon carbide for raising a burr on a cutting edge, and the other a plain slotted wheel for honing and polishing. The kit also comes with a specially formulated wax for lubricating the grit wheel and helping the abrasive to adhere, as well as enough silicon carbide to recoat the wheel up to 15 times. Jeweller’s rouge is provided to charge the slotted wheel for honing and polishing the cutting edge. (2 oz each of replacement wax, abrasive and rouge sold separately.)

Each 10" × 1" wheel has a 3/4" arbor hole with a 5/8" bushing. Recommended for standard grinders (3000 to 3600 rpm) but can be used with low-speed grinders. Made in USA.

(Not available for shipment to Québec.)

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