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Formulated for high-strength bonding and superior gap-filling capabilities, this thick cyanoacrylate excels when applied to vertical surfaces, where it resists dripping or running.

It has a relatively high viscosity of 2000 cPs, similar to that of liquid honey, and can be used for a wide range of applications, from building out structural repairs to filling gaps and voids from 0.01" to 0.02" wide.

Bonding time is greater than 60 seconds to allow for positioning the parts. Curing time is longer when filling voids than when the glue is used as an adhesive due to the increased volume of glue applied to a void. For filling voids, building layers of glue alternating with accelerator is recommended to ensure full curing.

The glue comes with two applicator caps, a clog-resistant stopper, and eight precision microtips that fit over the dispensing nozzle to permit extremely accurate glue application. The microtips can be cut to a desired opening width and are good for more than one application if soaked in acetone immediately after use.

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