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While CA super glues generally cure rapidly, this accelerator speeds up the process even further to promote nearly instant curing. It is specially formulated to prevent hazing, a white residue that occurs when CA flash cures.

Particularly useful in situations where the work would be difficult to clamp or when filling a void by building up layers of thicker viscosity CA alternating with accelerator to ensure full curing. (Curing time is longer when filling voids than when the glue is used as an adhesive, due to the increased volume of glue applied to a void.) You can also apply the accelerator directly onto a glued joint or spray one side of a joint and apply glue to the other.


The pump dispenser sprays less finely than the aerosol version (sold separately) and has a shorter shelf life but is a more economical choice when accelerator is used frequently.

Made in USA.

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