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The advantage of this cyanoacrylate glue is that it offers you complete control over when it begins curing, giving you all the time you need to prepare and position the parts.

The curing process doesn't begin until you drive the air out of the joint – joining the parts under finger pressure is enough to initiate this. Most materials bond within a few seconds to half a minute; some materials may take a few minutes to form a strong bond.

The glue has the consistency of thin syrup so it can flow into cracks, and dries clear to make repairs almost invisible. All joints achieve maximum strength within 24 hours.

Not recommended for joining porous materials, polyethylene or polypropylene plastics, or Teflon.

Supplied with the adhesive, the silica-based "welding" powder is used for gap filling. Apply alternating thin layers of glue and powder to solidify the glue within seconds, building up a tough patch that can be sanded, drilled or painted. The powder also helps to bulk up joints for added strength.

A versatile adhesive, sold as a set containing 10ml of glue and 10ml of silica powder. The formula ensures that the glue won't flash-cure in the bottle, so a little goes a long way.