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We really like this product. It’s a great way to minimize mess and waste when mixing, pouring and storing paint or finish. Used in place of the can’s original lid, it has sturdy cam locks that affix it securely to the rim, and a substantial gasket that forms a reliable, leak-proof seal.

Rotating the hand crank turns an auger-style paddle that mixes the contents faster and more thoroughly than a stir stick, lifting and distributing settled pigments or other components. The stout pistol-grip handle and pointed spout permit a controlled pour, so it’s easy to fill trays, spray guns or other containers without drips or spills. A trigger-operated sliding cover seals the spout so air cannot infiltrate.

You can even leave it on the can for short-term storage, helping to keep the paint inside from skinning over between coats or painting sessions. It is constructed from durable high-grade plastic, suitable for use with water-, latex- and solvent-based materials. Because all parts (except the springs in the cam locks and trigger) are metal-free, there’s no risk of rust bleeding into the paint or finish.

It comes in two sizes, to fit standard 1-quart (946ml) and 1-gallon (3.79l) cans. Though developed for professional use, it’s well worth having for even occasional household painting and finishing jobs.

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