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Expanding the range of possibilities for applying paints, finishes, dyes and stains to your work, airbrushing permits quick coverage with precision, consistency and superb control. These are outstanding airbrush kits – straightforward to set up, use and clean, they are dependable tools for professional use, yet are easy for beginners to learn. Suitable for use with any water-based solutions (including lacquers, urethanes, inks, dyes and acrylics), each has a 1/8 HP on-demand electric compressor that runs quietly (55dB) with air pressure adjustable up to 100 psi to suit the viscosity of the material being applied.

Both kits we offer include a comfortable pistol-grip sprayer with a 0.3mm nozzle and a two-stage trigger for precise airflow control, permitting a range of techniques and effects, from ultra-thin washes and gradated shading to crisp lines and saturated coverage. All parts in contact with the spray material are made of corrosion-resistant chrome-plated steel, and the gun is easy to disassemble and clean, with Teflon seals throughout to prevent leaks. The supple 6' hose resists splits, kinks and tangles, and has a quick-change coupler for easy removal and attachment of the spray gun.

One kit comes with 7ml, 15ml and 30ml side-mounted paint cups; the other comes with top-mounted cups in the same sizes. Cup position is largely a matter of personal preference. Some find that side-mounted cups allow more consistent paint flow when spraying at steep angles, and the ability to mount it on either side makes it easier to keep out of your line of sight, while others feel top-mounted cups offer better balance in the hand.

We also offer a cleaning brush set, optional 50ml cups for large jobs, 0.2mm and 0.5mm nozzle sets (for use with thinner and thicker finishes, respectively), and a 0.3mm fan-pattern nozzle for broad coverage on large, flat surfaces, all sold separately.

CSA certified for Canada and the USA.

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