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Discontinued. Limited stock.

Hand made from premium materials, these European ox-hair brushes are among the finest brushes we've used for film finishes.

While ordinary brushes often have a filler to create a gap within the bristles, these have a densely packed bundle of exceptionally fine bristles without any filler. As a result, they hold a surprising amount of finish and allow a long, smooth stroke with minimal brush marks, saving time when rubbing out. Suitable for solvent-based finishes (shellac, thinned oil varnish and lacquer), the bristles are hand formed without trimming, so the naturally tapered ends of the hair remain intact. Surface tension causes liquid to travel toward the thin tip, ensuring superb flow.

The bristles are firmly anchored in epoxy, which won't deteriorate in solvents, and the stainless-steel ferrules won't rust. Made in a traditional beaver-tail shape, the unfinished hardwood handle is well balanced and comfortable.

Highly recommended. Made in USA.

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