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Osmo is a leading German company that has been producing wood finishes since 1964. Made with ecological responsibility and sustainability in mind, their high-quality finishes use natural and readily renewable vegetable oils and waxes.

Developed for use on food-contact surfaces and kitchen counters, this Osmo formulation has a high ratio of oil to wax to provide good resistance to water, alcohol and mild acids. It has a low sheen and no observable film when cured.

A blend of vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean and thistle) and waxes (carnauba and candelilla) combined with a small amount of low-odor spirit (benzene-free), it has a low environmental impact. Forgiving to apply, it allows you to use a variety of methods (brush, roller, buffing pad or cloth), and a dust-free environment is not required. You don’t need to sand between coats, which makes future repairs straightforward.

Non-toxic once cured, the finish is safe for food contact and complies with European standards for child safety (EN 71.3).

Can be used on its own (two to three coats recommended) or topped with Osmo Polyx for additional protection. Dries in 8 to 10 hours. A high-yield finish, it provides an impressive coverage of 95 to 190 square feet per 500ml (16.9 fl oz) can, depending on the porosity of the wood and thickness of the application.

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