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Containing additional flattening agents to achieve its soft matte look and feel, this acrylic water-based topcoat yields a low-sheen finish. It mimics the silky feel of a traditional wax finish but with greater abrasion resistance than a wax finish alone.

It is suitable for interior use only and is best used on low-traffic surfaces. For heavier-use areas where increased durability is needed, you can finish your project with another topcoat, and then top with Flat Out Flat to achieve a flat, matte appearance.

Comes in a 1 quart container (32 fl oz/946ml). Can be applied with a brush or roller, or sprayed. It dries to the touch in 30 minutes and is ready to recoat after 2 hours; fully cures after 21 days. Minimum of three coats recommended. Low odor, it cleans up easily with soap and water.

Made in USA.

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