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Osmo is a leading German company that has been producing wood finishes since 1964. Made with ecological responsibility and sustainability in mind, their high-quality finishes use natural and readily renewable ingredients.

Easy to apply on furniture, floors and other high-wear indoor surfaces, this two-part oil finish is effective even on oily or resinous woods. It yields professional results with minimal time and effort, producing a clear, durable finish in just a single coat.

A blend of vegetable oils and waxes (linseed, carnauba and candelilla), it has a low environmental impact and is completely free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Mixed at an 8:1 oil-to-hardener ratio and applied with a non-abrasive pad or spread with a trowel, then buffed in, it bonds molecularly with wood fibers without building up, so one coat is all you need.

It dries in approximately 12 to 24 hours and fully cures in 6 days, producing a breathable, hard-wearing matte finish with excellent resistance to penetration and staining from water, coffee, cola, wine and other common household liquids. Non-toxic once cured, the finish is safe for food contact and complies with European standards for child safety (EN 71.3).

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