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Derived from soybeans, this strong solvent is remarkably effective at removing paints and finishes, without the main drawbacks of conventional strippers. Not only is it low in odor, it contains no methylene chloride, so it poses less risk to health and makes for easier clean-up and disposal.

Formulated to a gel consistency, it clings well to vertical surfaces or the underside of objects, and remains wet for extended periods. You can apply it to stubborn, layered coatings, or those in detailed recesses, and leave it in contact long enough to penetrate the surface and break the bond between the coating and the substrate. This allows the coating to be removed with minimal scraping effort. It works on oil- and water-based coatings, as well as acrylics, latex, enamel and urethanes, and can even break down two-part epoxies if left in contact for over 24 hours.

Wear neoprene gloves for skin protection, as well as splash goggles. Not for use on PVC, plastics or rubber. Clean-up can be done with water. Each 1 quart (32 fl oz/946ml) container provides coverage for approximately 31 sq.ft.

Made in USA.

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