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Flocking enables even the fumble-fingered to put a soft, high-quality lining in a case or jewellery box in a few minutes. It can also be used for putting non-marring bases on lamps or bookends, for fuzzy parts on children's toys, or anywhere you would otherwise be cutting and pasting felt, baize, or other lining material.

Suede-Tex flocking fibers are made from rayon filament cut to a uniform length of 1/32" that is sprayed onto an adhesive-covered surface, using a specially designed spray gun (sold separately). Fibers are anchored upright to give a soft surface with an even nap.

The resulting flocking is lustrous and durable; after 10 to 15 hours of drying time, the fibers cannot be rubbed off. Available in five colors, the 3 oz of flocking fibers (with 8 oz of matching adhesive undercoat, sold separately) will cover more than 15 sq.ft. of surface. If you put the piece being worked on inside a cardboard box, all leftover fibers can be trapped for reuse.

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