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An ancient form of Japanese latticework traditionally used in shoji screens and sliding doors, kumiko is created by assembling wooden slats into interlocking geometric patterns. For today’s woodworkers, incorporating kumiko into projects such as door panels or box lids not only adds a decorative element but also provides a satisfying challenge to broaden their skills.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a kit that consists of a basic pattern and pieces you can use right away for a project. The kit contains enough accurately dimensioned basswood bars to create a decorative 7 3/4" square kumiko panel in a traditional hemp-leaf design.

The project requires a minimum of tools and introduces the fundamental skills needed to cut and press-fit the slats together – good preparation for tackling more complex patterns.

Included are seven 1/2" wide by 24" long planed bars (four pieces of 5/32" and three pieces of 9/32" thick bars) and a full-size pattern as a reference and an aid for laying out the project. See the Care and Use tab for the pattern.

An engaging introduction to the enduring art of kumiko.

Made in Canada.

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