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This well-thought-out project kit includes everything you need to make it yourself, including the hand tools.

While you transform two pre-cut spoon blanks into practical household objects using a few fundamental knife cuts and grips, you will develop one of the most time-honored woodworking skills – carving. As you become familiar with roughing and refining the spoon’s bowl, neck and handle, you will discover ways to personalize your spoons and find your own form and style.

This project will also show you how to keep the hook and slöjd knives sharp with basic tools: honing compound, a piece of leather and a wooden dowel. After sanding and the application of cutting board oil comes the hardest part of the project – deciding whether to keep the spoons for yourself or give them to a special someone.

Components of the kit are listed under the Specifications tab.

Each spoon takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to make, plus 24 hours for drying and curing. Suitable for the beginner to intermediate woodworker, as well as for children 14 years and older when supervised by an adult.

You will also have access to the step-by-step video and a downloadable copy of the written instructions.

Available while quantities last.


Contents of the Spoon Carving Kit

1 limewood spoon blank, 9 7/8" × 2 1/4" × 1/2" thick

1 basswood spoon blank, 12" × 3" × 1" thick

1 Narex slöjd knife

1 Narex right-hand hook knife

1 pencil

1 roll of high-friction guard tape, 90'

4 Mirka sandpaper sheets, 9" × 11" (1 each of 120x, 180x, 220x, 320x)

1 leather strop, 4 1/2" × 1 1/2"

1 dowel, 12" long by 1/2" diameter

Honing compound, 2 oz

Walrus Oil cutting board oil, 59ml (2 oz)

Cotton rag

Vinyl gloves

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