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This reusable template lets you easily drill a pattern of uniform, accurately aligned peg holes for creating a cribbage board.

Identical to the template developed for our MIY cribbage board kit, the 14" × 4" × 1/8" thick drill guide is made of Baltic birch plywood and has 367 laser-cut holes designed to accommodate a 1/8" drill bit.

To use the template, center it on the stock (you supply) and secure in place with adhesive tape. Wrap a piece of tape 5/8” above the tip of the drill bit and around the shaft to serve as a depth stop. Begin drilling the holes nearest each of the guide’s four corners, and insert cribbage pegs to anchor the template in position. Proceed to drill the remaining holes, moving the pegs as needed.

Cribbage pegs are available separately.

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