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Get into the holiday spirit by making these pierced-tin ornaments with your family and friends.

The kit includes three templates to fabricate six ornaments, but you can also create your own designs. While it takes little time to learn and do, tin piercing is a skill that is certain to strike your imagination.

Your tinsmithing journey begins with learning how to pierce holes in 5 1/2" × 5 1/2" tin-plated steel sheets using two different punches and an 8 oz ball-peen hammer. Once the design has been punched, you will cut it to shape with a pair of our clamshell scissors (while wearing a pair of zero-friction ultra-suede gloves to ensure you don’t cut yourself on the sharp edges). Six ornament hooks are included to put your ornaments on display where they are sure to be noticed.

This project can take 3 to 6 hours to complete and is suitable for skill levels from beginner to intermediate, aged 10 years and up.

The well-thought-out kit includes everything you need to make it yourself, including the hand tools.

Components of the kit are listed under the Specifications tab.

You will also have access to the step-by-step video and a downloadable copy of the written instructions.

We warn you that what begins as piercing a pattern of holes in tin-plated steel sheets can become an addictive new pursuit. Inevitably, you will be inspired to incorporate this decorative technique into many other projects.


Contents of the Pierced-Tin Ornaments Kit

Tin-plated steel sheets (6), 5 1/2" × 5 1/2"

Ornament hooks (6)

Templates (3)

Piercing punches (2)

Ball-peen hammer, 8 oz

Clamshell scissors

Masking tape, 1" × 60 yards

Zero-friction ultra-suede gloves, pair

Wooden backer board

Foam ear plugs (2 pairs)


Wet-dry sandpaper, 240x

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