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These flexible rectangular sanding sponges not only cut quickly but also last a remarkably long time. The open-coat P-grade aluminum oxide abrasive is treated with a stearate coating to resist loading and is durably bonded to a block of tough, resilient foam that allows the abrasive surface to conform to contours without splitting or creasing. The foam blocks are comfortable to grip, even in prolonged use, and are suitable for use on wood, metal, painted surfaces and other materials.

The 4 1/2" × 2 3/4" × 1" sponges have square corners and are available in 60x, 120x, 180x and 220x. Offered individually, in packages of six of the same grit, or in a set containing one of each grit. Easily cleaned by rinsing with water, the sponges are usable wet or dry.

Made in USA.

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