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Pneumatic drums are effective for sanding compound curves because they conform to shapes better than rigid drums. Made in Sweden, this ball-nose drum is ideal for smaller projects such as turnings, carvings or intarsia.

With its unique rounded tip, this 1 3/4" diameter by 1 1/2" long drum enables you to sand concave surfaces that cannot be done with any other shape of drum, areas such as the inside of a spoon, the bottom of a bowl, or a sculpted chair seat.

The drum has a 1/4" shank. Inflated to low pressure (8 psi) using a special hand pump (sold separately), it is best used in an electric hand drill or with a flex-shaft (maximum of 6000 rpm).

Packages of durable cloth-backed sleeves are available separately in a choice of grits (220x, 120x or 80x).

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