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Mounting a drum sander on a drill press is a convenient way to sand, but there are two shortfalls. First, the bearings on a drill press are designed for axial loading – side loading causes quill wear and run-out. Second, extra-long drums tend to deflect as you apply pressure when sanding, producing a sloping edge on the workpiece.

Our drum-sander support system solves both problems. The bearing support (with a live center) engages the matching center in the bottom of our specially drilled shafts. All you do is lock your quill so there is sufficient pressure on the bearing support to prevent it from sliding on the drill-press table. For drill presses that don't have locking quills, just raise your table to provide the same engagement.

To use the bearing support, a modified shaft is available to retrofit 1 1/2" or 2" long sanding drums.

A screw-in fitting is also available to adapt our large 3" × 3" sanding drum.

Bearing support and adapter made in Canada; shaft made in the USA.

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