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Special buy. Limited stock.

A workshop can never have too much sandpaper. Stock up now on top-quality 9" × 11" Norton ProSand 3X sandpaper in a contractor set at a sale price.

The set of 80 contains four individual boxes of 20 sheets each of 80x, 120x, 180x and 220x at a saving of $23.10 (61¢ per sheet compared to an average of 91¢ per sheet at our regular prices).

Known for its cutting speed and durability, the sandpaper has friable aluminum oxide abrasive that fractures as it wears, constantly exposing fresh edges. It has an open-coat structure with a stearate coating to prevent clogging.

The flexible backing is reinforced with polyester fibers to resist tearing and has a special adhesive that prevents it from shedding abrasive when folded, making it especially useful for sanding details or turnings.

Usable on a wide range of materials (wood, metal, fiberglass and painted surfaces). Available while quantities last.

Made in Canada.

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