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Convection heaters rely on heating the ambient air to transfer heat energy. Radiant heaters do not. They emit infrared waves that, like the sun, warm objects directly (people, workstations or tools), without drying the air, or circulating dust and other particles in the workshop.

For hard-to-heat workshops and garages, this ceiling-mount heater is particularly convenient. The quartz elements have two settings – 760W and 1475W, producing 2590 and 5030 BTU/hour respectively. The housing rotates and swivels to let you aim the heat where needed and a pull cord keeps the controls conveniently within reach.

Lightweight (about 5 1/2 lb) and easy to install, the heater has a built-in 25W halogen lamp, which can be used alone or with the heating elements (standard G9 halogen bulb included). Silent, clean and efficient, it operates on the high setting for a maximum of 15¢ an hour (based on 10¢ per kWh).

For indoor use only. 24" wide by 3" deep by 11 1/2" high with 6' power cord. Metal cabinet with steel and ABS mounting bracket. One-year warranty. 12.3 amps, 120V. ETL certified.

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