Accessibility Statement


Special buy. Limited stock.

This is an excellent buy on an outstanding shop tool. It can be used as a hand-held micro torch or, by simply switching the interchangeable heads, you can convert it for use as a soldering iron or heat gun.

It uses butane fuel and has a quick-start piezoelectric ignition and a gas flow regulator to adjust the flame. It heats to about 2450°F (1300°C) with an open flame, 750°F (400°C) with a soldering tip, and 500°F (260°C) when used as a heat gun.

The 10-piece set includes the torch, heat gun and soldering tips, a tip-cleaning sponge, and a heat shield that can be mounted onto the heat gun attachment to prevent scorching of adjacent materials. It also includes a stand for hands-free use and comes in a plastic storage case.

Shipped empty, the torch burns continuously for up to 45 minutes on a single fill. Compact yet highly effective at a range of tasks.