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Outfitted with both a HEPA filter and an automatic filter-cleaning mechanism, the powerful CT 48 E HEPA AC is perfect for working with high-volume dust and especially silica dust applications. It is a perfect match for larger machines such as renovation grinders, track saws, routers and hammer drills.

Equipped with tool-triggered operation, variable suction control, a parking brake, and hose storage to make work easier and more efficient.

Main Applications:

  • Helps to control large amounts of dust like silica or drywall dust
  • AC (AutoClean) Function automatically cycles the filter cleaning action to help ensure optimum airflow and suction performance
  • High-volume capacity for big jobs with high dust volume reduces downtime for filter bag changes
  • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction


  • The tapered 36mm to 32mm hose ensures optimal airflow and keeps both the volume of air and velocity of the air at a high level, ensuring adequate dust extraction for nearly any application
  • Three-piece cleaning accessory kit gives you the attachments you need to keep even the most difficult areas and surfaces clean
  • Included reducer allows for connection to all Festool products with both a 36mm and a 27mm port

Accessories Included:

  • High-performance HEPA filter
  • SELFCLEAN filter bag
  • Disposal bag
  • Smooth suction hose dia. 36/32 x 3.5m AS with rotating connecting sleeves
  • Hose reducer
  • Three-piece cleaning accessory set
  • Anti-Static Reducing Sleeve

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Technical data for CT 48 E AC HEPA Dust Extractor

Power consumption: 350 W to 1200 W
Airflow max.: 137 cfm (3,900 litre/min)
Max. vacuum: 24,000 Pa (96" static water lift)
Filter surface area: 979 in2 (6318 cm2)
Power cable: 24' (7.5m)
Container/filter bag capacity: 48 litre/46 litre (12.7 gal/12.2 gal)
Dimensions (L × W × H): 740mm × 406mm × 1005mm (29" × 16" × 39.5")
Weight: 43.21 lb (19.6kg)

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