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This is a powerful dust extractor that saves on floor space. It has an inlet for 5" hoses that can be reduced to two 4" hose inlets with an included attachment, allowing multiple machines to be connected simultaneously.

The 1 hp motor creates a suction of up to 1100 cfm (800 cfm with the dual inlet fitting). Producing up to 86 dB, it creates about the same level of noise as heavy shop tools such as a lathe or circular saw.

The pleated canister filter traps particles as small as 1 micron, and you don't have to open it up to unclog it – turning a crank on the side spins a flap that knocks the majority of dust off the loaded filter.

Weighs 61 lb and measures (excluding the dust bag) roughly 23 1/2" in diameter by 26" tall.


Motor: 1HP


Volts: 120V/240V

Hertz: 60 Hz

Airflow Max: 800 CFM (4" inlet) or 1,100 CFM (5" inlet)

Sound Rating (6' Away): 86 dB

Filtration Rating (Microns): 1µ

Canister Pleated Filter Size19-5/8" × 7-1/8"

Plastic Bag Length (installed)20"

Plastic Bag Capacity1.5 Cu. Ft. (42.5 L)

Dimensions (L × W × H): 23-1/2" × 21" × 46"

Weight: 61 lb

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