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  • Powerful: Thanks to the 36V turbine, power comparable to a corded extractor
  • Portable: Compact Systainer format, low weight and the freedom to go wherever the job takes you, even where there isn’t power; ideal for mobile use in fitting and servicing work as well as smaller sanding, routing, sawing and drilling tasks
  • Dust-free cordless applications: Perfect interaction with Festool cordless tool provides more portability and freedom to the 18V system – and less dust
  • Adjustable: Three levels for setting suction power
  • Practical: The extractor switches on via the remote control directly on the suction hose or a Bluetooth battery pack


Accessories Included:

  • CT-F I extractor remote control
  • SYS-Dock with T-Loc function
  • Smooth suction hose dia. 27 × 3m AS/CT with rotating angle adapter on the extractor side
  • Upholstery brush
  • Crevice nozzle D36
  • Shoulder strap SYS-TG
  • Main filter
  • Fitted filter bag
  • Hose holder


Note: basic model does not include battery pack or charger.


To order replacement parts for Festool products, please contact our customer service department.



Technical Data for Festool CTC SYS Cordless Dust Extractor – Basic

Battery voltage: 36V (2 × 18V)

Airflow max.: 85 CFM (2 400 litre/min)

Max. vacuum: 72" static water (18 000 Pa)

Container/filter bag capacity: 1.2 U.S. liq. gal. (4.5 litres)/0.9 U.S. liq. gal. (3.5 litres)

Dimensions (L × W × H): 15 1/2" (396mm) × 11 5/8" (297mm) × 12" (307mm)

Battery capacity: 4.0 Ah

2 × 4.0 Ah runtime: 14 - 25 min

Weight: 19.40 lb (8.8kg)

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