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Until January 31, 2023, we’re offering a Rikon 62-450 air cleaner along with two spare filters (a 5 micron outer filter and a 1 micron inner pleated filter) at a saving of $42 compared to buying the components separately at our regular prices.


To reduce the health risks and mess associated with fine dust, the model 62-450 air cleaner removes small airborne particles that typical workshop dust-collection systems often miss.

The two-stage system uses an outer filter that traps particles 5 microns or larger, followed by an inner pleated filter that catches particles as small as 1 micron (approximately 1/40 the thickness of a human hair). Ideal for smaller workshops, it draws up to 450 cubic feet of air per minute – enough to filter the air in a 20' × 20' × 8' room more than eight times an hour.

Measuring 19 3/4" × 16 3/4" × 10" and weighing 29 lb, it can be ceiling-mounted for general filtration or set on a workbench to catch dust at the source. The 1/4 hp motor has three speeds (250, 350 and 450 cfm) and produces only 64 dB of sound. You can even set it to turn itself off after 1, 2 or 4 hours so it continues cleaning the air after you finish working. Quick-release clips let you clean or replace the filters without tools, and the included remote lets you activate the air cleaner or change settings from a distance.

For the duration of this offer, it comes with two 9 1/2" × 16 1/2" × 2" outer filters and two 9 1/2" × 16 1/2" × 1" inner pleated filters (one of each installed, plus one of each as spares).

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