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Until January 31, 2023, we’re offering a Rikon 60-105 portable dust collector combined with a 62-450 air cleaner at a saving of $93 compared to buying them separately at our regular prices.

To reduce the health risks and mess associated with sawdust and wood chips in the workshop, these machines pair well with each other, effectively collecting waste ranging from coarse debris to fine particulates.

The compact, lightweight model 60-105 portable dust collector is easy to move around a workshop. Weighing just 48 lb, it mounts on an included rolling base that occupies a footprint of only 14" × 12". Its 1 hp motor moves up to 660 cubic feet of air per minute, enough to cope with heavy dust and chip production, while producing only 78 dB of sound.

Capable of trapping particles as small as 2 microns in a 16" × 22" collection and filter bag, it comes with a 9' long, 4" diameter hose, which can be fitted with an included funnel intake to collect debris over a wide swath or to serve as a floor sweep. It also includes a stand with locking casters, an intake support arm that can be adjusted from 36" to 52 1/2" high for easy positioning, and optional wall-mount brackets.

To remove finer dust, Rikon’s 62-450 two-stage air cleaner uses an outer filter that traps particles 5 microns or larger, followed by an inner pleated filter that catches particles as small as 1 micron (approx. 1/40 the thickness of a human hair). Ideal for smaller workshops, it draws up to 450 cubic feet of air per minute – enough to filter the air in a 20' × 20' × 8' room more than eight times an hour.

Measuring 19 3/4" × 16 3/4" × 10" and weighing 29 lb, it can be ceiling-mounted for general filtration or set on a workbench to catch dust at the source. The 1/4 hp motor has three speeds (250, 350 and 450 cfm) and produces only 64 dB of sound. You can even set it to turn itself off after 1, 2 or 4 hours so it continues cleaning the air after you finish working. Quick-release clips let you clean or replace the filters without tools, and the included remote lets you activate the air cleaner or change settings from a distance.

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