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The Laguna P|Flux 1 incorporates a powerful 1.5 hp motor, HEPA filtration and up to 900 cfm of airflow to keep your workshop dust-free and substantially reduce the health risks associated with airborne dust. Aside from the HEPA filtration, the P|Flux differs from the C|Flux with features such as automatic filter cleaning, a catch-can, a second window for checking dust accumulation, and a sensor that lets you know the drum is full.

The HEPA-certified filter contains 48.4 sq.ft. of surface area, capable of trapping up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. The automatic filter cleaning system activates every 10 minutes, helping to clean the fine dust out of the filter to ensure continuous uninterrupted airflow and reduce maintenance downtime. The control panel includes an LED indicator light to alert you when the HEPA filter is being cleaned or requires changing. The metal catch-can beneath the filter can be quickly removed to dispose of dust from the filter after cleaning.

Working on the principle of centrifugal force, the cyclone separates larger particles of dust and chips from the airstream at high velocity, so they drop into the 25 gallon drum below. Dust accumulation can be monitored through two separate viewing windows, one on the cyclone and an LED light-equipped window on the drum itself. A dust-level sensor operates an LED indicator light and alarm on the control panel to alert you when the drum requires emptying. To facilitate simple disposal, an included plastic drum bag can be inserted into the drum. A steel insert slides into the bag to hold it securely in place.

Like the C|Flux, the P|Flux has a remote control to let you activate the collector from a distance. It has a 6" inlet port as well as a two-way splitter for connecting two 4" hoses at one time. When connecting multiple machines, blast gates should be used to turn off the airflow to the machine not in use and improve collection from the active machine. The splitter includes removeable caps, but blast gates and hoses are available separately.

The interior of the doors surrounding the filter are lined with acoustic foam to dampen the sound. At roughly 70 dB, the P|Flux is relatively quiet, about the equivalent noise of an average vacuum cleaner and quieter than most of the tools you’ll use it with.

The unit measures 42" × 25" and stands 68" high, weighing a total of 232 lb. Four casters on the base (two locking and two swivel) allow the collector to be moved easily around your workspace. The drum also has casters to let you move it independently from the collector for convenient dust disposal.

Manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years.


Laguna P|Flux 1 Cyclone Dust Collector

Motor specs: 1.5 hp

Electrical specs: 110V/220V / 60Hz / 1 ph

Running AMP: (with 6" inlet) 18.8A at 110V; 9.4A at 220V

Airflow: 900 CFM

Max static pressure: 10.1"

Fan size: 13.5"

Inlet: One 6" plus two 4" ports

Auto clean: 10 min. interval 10 seconds F+R

Collection capacity: 25 gallons

Decibel reading: 70 dB (@9.8')

Assembled dimensions (L × W × H): 42" × 25" × 68"

Machine weight: 232 lb (105kg)

Filtering area: 48.4 sq.ft. (4.5 sq.m)

Cartridge filter: HEPA

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