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For use with the iVAC Pro dust collection control system , this 4" blast gate synchronizes with the dust collector and power tools in the network. This automation ensures you can't forget to open a gate before working or inadvertently leave it open afterward, reducing suction elsewhere in the system.

Whenever a linked tool is turned on, the iVAC Pro transmitter sends a radio signal that not only triggers the dust collector, but also simultaneously opens the blast gate associated with that tool. When you turn the tool off, the gate remains open for a short duration to allow debris to clear, closing automatically after the dust collector powers down.

The system can be set to ensure that at least one gate is open whenever the vacuum is running to prevent overloading the motor. Up to eight blast gates can operate on one iVAC Pro network. The gate can also be operated using the iVAC Pro remote control (comes with a 115v AC adapter) or manually using a toggle switch; each is sold separately. Adds another level of convenience and efficiency to an already excellent system.

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