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This starter set includes a selection of Granat grits for tasks from stock removal to fine sanding and smoothing of finishes, providing the abrasive discs you need to tackle a wide range of tasks. For easy changes, all have the FastFix backing. A soft interface pad helps with smoothing contours. Compatible with the Festool Rotex RO 125 FEQ dual-mode sander, ETS 125 REQ random orbital sander and ETS EC 125/3 random orbital sander, the set includes:

  • 10 Granat P 60 grit D125 discs
  • 25 Granat P 80 grit D125 discs
  • 25 Granat P 120 grit D125 discs
  • 20 Granat P 180 grit D125 discs
  • 20 Granat P 220 grit D125 discs
  • 1 D125 interface pad

Neatly stored in the included T-Loc Systainer case, the contents are organized and protected while easy to transport.

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