Discontinued. Limited stock.

Here's an excellent alternative to the poor-quality cases often supplied with socket sets. Like the systems mechanics use, these organizers are designed to keep sockets visible and accessible. Each has a pair of rails with a series of pegs that securely hold or release sockets with a simple twist – the sockets won't accidentally jostle loose, even when carried to and from a job site.

Easily stored in a tool chest or hung on a wall, the organizer is available in two lengths, 13" and 18", and comes pre-loaded with pegs of a single socket drive size (1/4", 3/8" or 1/2"). The 13" version is a good choice for front-to-back storage in a typical tool chest drawer, while the 18" model fits deeper chests or in a side-to-side orientation in standard drawers.

You can purchase additional rails (with pegs) separately to extend the system. Optional accessory holders are also available to secure socket wrenches and extensions to rails in place of unused socket positions.

Made in USA.

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