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Though rust never sleeps, you can successfully keep it at bay. Available in two sizes, these dehumidifiers absorb moisture from the air, preventing rust and mildew. Avoid using them near wooden tool handles, which should retain some moisture. A built-in indicator changes color when the silica gel becomes saturated; reactivate it by simply drying in an oven.

At only 4" × 2" × 1/2", the 40g (1.4oz) aluminum tin will protect up to 3 cu.ft. of space, ideal for a drawer, toolbox or tackle box. The 4" diameter by 6" high, 750g (26.5 oz) steel canister will dehumidify as much as 57 cu.ft. and is intended for large cabinets. Reusable indefinitely, these are convenient and reliable protection.

Made in USA.

750g size not available for shipment to Québec.

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