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With this tool you can make permanent hose clamps of any size, strengthen cracked wooden tool handles, repair cut garden hoses, whip running loops in rope, or use it in countless other household repairs and workshop applications. Once you know how straightforward it is to use, you'll realize how often you could have used it in the past.

Thread the aluminum and chrome-plated steel tool with wire, make a few wraps around it and the item(s) to be clamped, then turn a wing nut that applies leverage to tighten wire. Works with wire up to 0.051" in diameter; instructions included.

Made in USA.

This tool is also available as a set with a 1/4 lb coil (approx. 50') of 0.041" 304 stainless-steel wire, ideal for permanent repairs yet hard to find in stores. 1/4 lb wire coil is also available separately.

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