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Special buy. Limited stock.

Made in Nebraska by an American firm established in 1886, these classic oilers have been the mainstays of shops and garages for generations. Despite their enduring popularity, we haven’t offered them in several years, but have now acquired a limited quantity, available only while stock lasts.

These are still the same high-quality powder-coated steel oilers with double-seamed or copper-brazed joins – no hastily applied sealant here.

The 6 oz spring-bottom oiler has a 4 1/2" tapered spout to dispense a small amount of lubricant right where it’s needed (while making that unmistakable “clump-clump” sound).

The two pump-style cans have hydraulic piston mechanisms that don’t lose their prime; they are always ready to use. The trigger levers operate smoothly, allowing you to dispense just a few drops of oil at a time, or to shoot a fine stream into a hard-to reach spot.

The 6 oz pistol-pump is a compact design with a flared base that resists tipping. The 12 oz pump oiler has an 8" flexible spout for extended reach.

All are recommended for use with low-viscosity oils.

The set of three is outstanding value, and is available at a special price while quantities last. You could buy a set and give one or two to friends – but we wouldn’t blame you if you decide to keep all three for yourself.

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